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1000 Varieties Ice Cream Sandwiches $3

Published on May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Dessert Culver City Ice Cream cheese cake

Choose from over 10 Ice Cream flavors!  We have a variety of 12 baked cookies.  Yo Ku Mon allows you to create your own Ice Cream Sandwich a taste sensation. A combination of over 1000 varieties of ice Cream Sandwiches can be mad using 12 Ice creams and 10 cookie varieties. Mix your cookies, or have two of the same. Build it how you like it.

We have more than Ice-cream too. Vanilla Frozen low fat Yogurt… and for a non dairy options try our Mango or Lemon  Sorbet inside real lemons…  Coconut Sorbet inside real coconut.

The new Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich is now Staring at Yo Ku Mon!  Follow us on Face book, Four Square, or merchant circle.


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The Yo Ku Mon top selling Ice Cream Sandwiches.

1) Red Velvet cookie with Cheese Cake Ice-Cream

2) Kids Candy with Vanilla Ice-Cream

3) Sprinkle Cookie with Cotton Candy Ice-cream