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Yo Ku Mon is Dessert

March 2014, Relax at Yo Ku Mon  Los Angeles.  In the Heart of  Screen Land.  Culver City is where famous movies like the Wizard of Oz where made.  Today  it is where you can find Yo Ku Mon, about  1 Mile from World Headquarters of Sony Pictures. Over 900 varieties of made to order ice cream sandwiches.


Happiness is Affordable at Yo Ku Mon. Yo Ku Mon dessert lounge Ice Cream Sandwiches $3 each.



Enter Yo ku Mon Dessert lounge and step into a Dessert Heaven.

Desserts from around the world.  From Italian classics like Titamisu to the All American Apple Pie. Yo Ku Mon is Dessert.

Dessert Lounge Los Angeles Culver City

We have  teamed up with Amazon now and this means  Yo Ku Mon is everywhere, in every city around America.

Now, Yo Ku Mon Cookies, and Macaroons are available to your home wherever you are in USA.  Delivery is often over night, however no more than three Days for longer distances. All our Amazon orders are baked fresh in store,  to meet our freshness and quality standards when it arrives at your house.

Amazon shop yokumon
In case over 1000 combinations of our Ice Cream Sandwiches made to your order in store,  is not  enough for you…. we took the liberty of introducing more crowd pleasing additions to Yo ku Mon.  Now you can indulge with a Full dessert range of over 20 desserts from around the world. Enjoy, Pies,  Cheese Cakes, Cream Puffs and more.  According to your comments and likes on our Instagram and Face book, and twitter our pies and Cheese Cake has quickly developed thousands  of fans.  Have you tried them yet?


Bourbon Pecan Pie:

Indulgence is our big Bourbon Pecan Pie, with Butter Pecan Ice Cream.  We finish it in Caramel Sauce.  Pictured below as you can see that  the only thing missing from this picture is YOU!

Los Angeles dessert lounge pecan pie culver city



Caramel Apple Grannie Pie

A decedent Pie. This has Custard on the Bottom, Apple layer on top of that fills the center, and a Caramel with Sliced Almonds  top, to finish it off.  You should try it warm! WOW   One of our most popular Stars at Yo Ku Mon is our Caramel Apple Pie may find favor with you too.

dessert culver city apple pie


New York Cheese Cake 

Our Cheese cake is a big new york baked cheese cake. This sells fast at Yo Ku Mon deep bake New York cheese cake is a popular choice at Yo ku Mon

Cheese Cake Culver City Dessert 90230



1/2 Cream Brûlée 1/2 Cheese Cake

Eat this! New York Baked Cheese cake on the Bottom, and delicious Cream Brulee on the top. Two of the most popular desserts combine to make this dessert. The Cream Brûlée

Dessert Culver City Cream Brulee

Now at Yo Ku Mon we have combine the two and it looks like this…

Dessert Culver city california



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