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Free Ice Cream Sandwich

Free Ice Cream Sandwich

Yo Ku Mon – Customer Appreciation Day

Yo Ku Mon has over 20,000 people  now following us on Twitter.  Yo Ku Mon Insta gram is increasing around 100 a week,  we are trending in LA – THANK YOU

At Yo Ku Mon,  we  say – thank you.   To say thank you we have introduced a customer appreciation day our first one was Thursday Oct 24th 2014.

(Yes its from 2014 not 2020  –  – We left this hear for commemoration

Keep posted for when we reach 50,000 followers the next Customer appreciation DAY!


1 per person.

What is free?   Choose from three free cookies varieties… Indulgent Choc Chip Cookie… Cinnamon Snigger Doodle Cookie or  Lemon Cookie.

Choose from three free ice cream.. Vanilla… Choc…  Strawberry

Can’t choose from the three on offer? Then buy an Ice cream sandwich of your choice for only $1 from 6pm to 7pm!

There is more…. And After 7pm we continue to say thank you.  With the “Free ice Cream Sandwich for your Friend”

When you purchase an ice Cream Sandwich get one FREE. That means 2 ice Cream sandwiches…. Just $2.  From 7 to 9pm  at Yo Ku Mon.  It’s our way to Say,  Thank You for being a fan of Yo Ku Mon