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Yo Ku Mon is Dessert

Relax at Yo Ku Mon  Los Angeles.  In the heart of screenland.  Culver City is where famous movies like the Wizard of Oz were made.  Today it is where you can find Yo Ku Mon, about  1 Mile from the world headquarters of Sony Pictures. Over 900 varieties of made to order ice cream sandwiches.

Happiness is Affordable at Yo Ku Mon. Yo Ku Mon dessert lounge Ice Cream Sandwiches $3 each.


Enter Yo ku Mon Dessert lounge and step into a Dessert Heaven.

Desserts from around the world.  From Italian classics like Tiramisu to the All American Apple Pie. Yo Ku Mon is Dessert.

Dessert Lounge Los Angeles Culver City

We have teamed up with Amazon now and this means  Yo Ku Mon is everywhere, in every city around America.

Now, Yo Ku Mon Cookies and Macaroons are available to your home wherever you are in the USA.  Delivery is often overnight, however, no more than three Days for longer distances. All our Amazon orders are baked fresh in-store,  to meet our freshness and quality standards when it arrives at your house.

Amazon shop yokumon

Under the circumstances that over 1000 combinations of our Ice Cream Sandwiches made to your order in-store,  is not enough for you…. we took the liberty of introducing more crowd-pleasing additions to Yo Ku Mon.  Now you can indulge with a Full dessert range of over 20 desserts from around the world. Enjoy, Pies,  Cheese Cakes, Cream Puffs and more.  According to your comments and likes on our Instagram and Face book, and twitter our pies and Cheese Cake have quickly developed thousands of fans.  Have you tried them yet?

Bourbon Pecan Pie:

Los Angeles dessert lounge pecan pie culver city

Burbon Pecan Pie- 

Indulgence beyond the cook. A delicious combination of bourbon and pecans in a pie, paired with your favorite ice cream

Caramel Apple Grannie Pie

A decedent Pie. This has Custard on the Bottom, Apple layer on top of that fills the center, and a Caramel with Sliced Almonds top, to finish it off.  You should try it warm! Wow, One of our most popular Stars at Yo Ku Mon is our Caramel Apple Pie may find favor with you too.

dessert culver city apple pie

New York Cheese Cake 

Our Cheese cake is a big new york baked cheese cake. This sells fast at Yo Ku Mon deep bake New York cheese cake is a popular choice at Yo ku Mon

Cheese Cake Culver City Dessert 90230

1/2 Cream Brûlée 1/2 Cheese Cake

Eat this! New York Baked Cheesecake on the bottom, and delicious cream Brulee on the top. Two of the most popular desserts combine to make this dessert. The Cream Brûlée

Dessert Culver City Cream Brulee

Now at Yo Ku Mon we have combine the two and it looks like this…

Dessert Culver city california


Free Ice Cream Sandwich

Free Ice Cream Sandwich

Yo Ku Mon – Customer Appreciation Day

Yo Ku Mon has over 20,000 people  now following us on Twitter.  Yo Ku Mon Insta gram is increasing around 100 a week,  we are trending in LA – THANK YOU

At Yo Ku Mon,  we  say – thank you.   To say thank you we have introduced a customer appreciation day our first one was Thursday Oct 24th 2014.

(Yes its from 2014 not 2020  –  – We left this hear for commemoration

Keep posted for when we reach 50,000 followers the next Customer appreciation DAY!


1 per person.

What is free?   Choose from three free cookies varieties… Indulgent Choc Chip Cookie… Cinnamon Snigger Doodle Cookie or  Lemon Cookie.

Choose from three free ice cream.. Vanilla… Choc…  Strawberry

Can’t choose from the three on offer? Then buy an Ice cream sandwich of your choice for only $1 from 6pm to 7pm!

There is more…. And After 7pm we continue to say thank you.  With the “Free ice Cream Sandwich for your Friend”

When you purchase an ice Cream Sandwich get one FREE. That means 2 ice Cream sandwiches…. Just $2.  From 7 to 9pm  at Yo Ku Mon.  It’s our way to Say,  Thank You for being a fan of Yo Ku Mon


Ice Cream Sandwiches & Dessert Pies

YoKuMon Logo August 2013

Dessert in Culver City, is affordable. Over 1000 combinations of made to order Ice Cream Sandwich only $3 each, at Yo Ku Mon. The lowest price in Culver City and neighboring suburbs of LA.

Dessert Culver City


A wide range of Pies, Cheese Cake and Choc Truffle Cakes

Brownie Culver City DessertProfiterole los angeles dessert


French Macarons

Coolhaus Dessert Yelp

                Macarons  @ Yo Ku Mon


Yum –  Yo ku Mon has Introduced French Macarons.  Premium desserts now at Yo Ku Mon.  Choose from 12 varieties of Macarons, ad some ice cream or just eat it as is.  At Yo Ku Mon Dessert Lounge half the fun is all the choice you have.  You choose, how you want, and what you like.



Belgian Waffle


Yo Ku Mon Belgian Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. We make our Belgian waffles Fresh in Store, and you can ad any of our 12 flavors of Ice Cream to it. Or you might like Marshmallow maybe caramel sauce. Build it how you like it, at Yo Ku Mon Choice is Yours.  Mix the Ice Cream up. Add Nuts whatever you want. Here is one we created to get you thinking….

Waffle Culver City Dessert

At Yo Ku Mon with the Belgian waffle happiness is affordable.

YoKuMon Logo August 2013


1000 Varieties Ice Cream Sandwiches $3

Dessert Culver City Ice Cream cheese cake

Choose from over 10 Ice Cream flavors!  We have a variety of 12 baked cookies.  Yo Ku Mon allows you to create your own Ice Cream Sandwich a taste sensation. A combination of over 1000 varieties of ice Cream Sandwiches can be mad using 12 Ice creams and 10 cookie varieties. Mix your cookies, or have two of the same. Build it how you like it.

We have more than Ice-cream too. Vanilla Frozen low fat Yogurt… and for a non dairy options try our Mango or Lemon  Sorbet inside real lemons…  Coconut Sorbet inside real coconut.

The new Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich is now Staring at Yo Ku Mon!  Follow us on Face book, Four Square, or merchant circle.


Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 2.13.23 PM

The Yo Ku Mon top selling Ice Cream Sandwiches.

1) Red Velvet cookie with Cheese Cake Ice-Cream

2) Kids Candy with Vanilla Ice-Cream

3) Sprinkle Cookie with Cotton Candy Ice-cream


Yo Ku Mon

Simple things in life are often the best!

Create your own flavor

Create, enjoy, love it, bring your own flavor experience to life, with Yo Ku Mon Shaved Ice.


Ice Cream Sandwich

1. Choose your cookies


2. Ad your ice-cream

3. Create your own combination. Cookies Baked Fresh in Store!


Cookies Baked Throughout the Day


You will love the smell of our fresh cookies being baked in store.
We aim to back cookies at least twice daily… taste the freshness with your favorite ice cream! Yo Ku Mon! Yum!


10 Ice Cream Flavors

Great Ice Cream, Great Taste! Our ice cream is YUM!!!!

Yo Ku Mon offer a standard ice cream for our cookies… but by our standards, its thick and creamy taste you will love it! $2 for Ice Cream Sandwiches YUM.